Saturday, December 24, 2011

Graphics I made without knowing how to select areas.. BEFORE I used poses.

Mhm.. at first I didn't know how to select or crop anything.. so I would draw the lines using either a paintbrush or pencil.. Ugh I am such a horrible learner.. LOL

Also, these are the bunch that I did BEFORE I used poses to make bodies.. so.. they are pretty bad HAH.

**From oldest to newest. From about around early to middle '10.

I remember when I made that I worked so hard on it, and it went to waste.. Good, it should go burn in a fire.
One of my early attempts at clothes. I actually like the idea I was going for, but it still sucks ass.
My horrible attempt at making a banner for mine and Rihann's blog 'The W.O.R.D.'

Second attempt. Which was picked as the banner for a moment.


After a few months, I decided to make another, I actually like the way the hair came out.. maybe I should try doing it again just more smoother and less shiny.
Was going to be the background for the Classique Awards blog, but I trashed it.

Man I suck, lol.

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