Saturday, December 24, 2011

Graphics I made without knowing how to select areas.. AFTER I used poses.

This is when I discovered how to go over poses with my brushes using Shift to make bodies.. I thought I was hot shit then. Even the bodies were all one layer LOL. *puke*

 **From oldest to newest

Graphic for the first Classique Awards event. I like the bangs, background and dress.. I suppose.
Attempt at recreating Audrey Hepburn using Aislin's medoll for TCA.

Random unfinished photo.

Self explanatory. I wish she wasn't bald.. Like the face though.
First graphic for The Chimera. Hate the hair and dress, I might try to recreate this some time.

Second graphic for the Chimera blog. Hate the hair A LOT.  

I am so glad I don't make graphics like that anymore.

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